Terms and Conditions





1.1 By using, visiting and/or accessing any part of the zetto.in website and/or any sub-domain, website or mobile application that we own or operate (the “Website”) and/or registering an account on the Website you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy, our Cookies Policy and any other rules applicable to our betting or gaming products available on the website (together the ""Terms""), and are deemed to have accepted and understood all the Terms.


1.2 You should read the Terms carefully, if you do not agree with them and/or cannot accept them, please do not use, visit or access the Website.


1.3 These Terms may be changed by us from time to time for any reason (including compliance with applicable legislation or requirements of regulators). Current version of the Terms will be available on the Website. If you continue to use the Website after such changes come into effect you are deemed to have accepted such changes to the Terms.


1.4 www.zetto.in is operated by Never Ending Gaming N.V, a company registered under the laws of Curacao under registration number 154043.


1.5 Reference to “you”, “your”, “customer”, “user” or “player” shall mean any person using the Website or any services available thereon and/or any registered customer of the Website.


1.6 Reference to “games” shall mean Casino, Live Casino, Sportsbook, Cards, and other Games as may from time to time become available on the Website. Zetto.in reserves the right to add and remove games from the website at its own discretion.





2.1.1 Reference to the “Account” shall mean an account registered by you on the Website after accepting and agreeing to these Terms. By registering an Account you declare that you are over 18 years of age or of a higher minimum legal age as stipulated in the jurisdiction of your residence under the laws applicable to you. It is your sole responsibility to know whether the services available on the Website are legal in the country of your residence. Persons who are under the age of 18 years are not allowed to use the Website and/or any services available on it.


2.1.2 You are not allowed to register on the Website and use our services if you are a resident of Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bonaire, Curacao, France, Iran, Iraq, Netherlands, Saba, Spain, St Maarten, Statia, U.S.A or the U.S.A dependencies, United Kingdom. We reserve the right to refuse customers from any other countries over and above the aforementioned jurisdictions at our own discretion



2.2.1 In order to place bets, play games and deposit money you need to register the Account on the Website.


2.2.2 To register the Account, you must provide complete and up-to-date information including a mobile number, e-mail address, username, password and other mandatory information requested on the registration form.


2.2.3 By registering the Account on the Website you agree to specify your legal name. We may take action to check the accuracy of the information you provide. You’re not allowed to change this data, but there are cases in which you can individually request for changing of data by contacting Website customer support, such as an honest mistake etc.


2.2.3 By registering the Account on the Website you agree to specify your legal name. We may take action to check the accuracy of the information you provide. You’re not allowed to change this data, but there are cases in which you can individually request for changing of data by contacting Website customer support, such as an honest mistake etc.


2.2.5 Employees, former employees of service providers and/or affiliated persons are not permitted to register the accounts on the Website and cannot exploit the services and promotions available on it. Same rules apply to family members of the above mentioned. Violation of this rule will result in the account being permanently closed and the referred accounts will be considered as fraudulent. Any winnings derived from such activities will be deemed as forfeited by the account holder and only the deposited amount will be returned to the account holder.


2.2.6 You cannot transfer, sell, or pledge Your Account to another person. This prohibition includes the transfer of any assets of value of any kind, including but not limited to ownership of accounts, winnings, deposits, bets, rights and/or claims in connection with these assets, legal, commercial, or otherwise. The prohibition on said transfers also includes however is not limited to the encumbrance, pledging, assigning, usufruct, trading, brokering, hypothecation and/or gifting in cooperation with a fiduciary or any other third party, company, natural or legal individual, foundation and/or association in any way shape or form.



2.3.1 If you forget your password or think that somebody knows details of your personal data, moreover if you suspect that another user is taking an unfair advantage through cheating or collusion you must report the suspicion to us.


2.3.2 We reserve the right to declare any bet or transaction void partially or in full if we, at our own discretion, would deem it obvious that any of the following circumstances have occurred:

1) the Account holder or people associated with the Account holder may directly or indirectly influence the outcome of an event;

2) the Account holder and/or people associated with the Account holder are directly or indirectly avoiding the rules of the Website;

3) the result of an event or the bet has been directly or indirectly affected by criminal activity;

4) the odds of an event have significantly been changed due to a public announcement in relation to the event;

5) bets have been placed that would not have been accepted otherwise, but they were accepted during periods when the Website have been affected by technical problems;

6) due to an error, such as a mistake, misprint, technical error, human error, force majeure or otherwise, bets have been offered, placed and or accepted due to this error.


2.3.3 When we close or suspend an Account for whatever reason, we reserve the right to close any future Accounts that may be registered by the same person, device, address, or that may use the same payment wallets or credit cards and void/cancel all bets and transactions of that Accounts.


2.3.4 We offer two-factor authentication (2FA) as additional protection from unauthorized use of your Account. You are responsible for keeping your login information confidential and making sure it cannot be accessed by another person.




2.4.1 You are over 18 years of age or such higher minimum legal age of majority as stipulated in the laws of jurisdiction applicable to you and, under the laws applicable to you, you are allowed to participate in the Games offered on the Website.


2.4.2 You will use this Website and your Account solely and exclusively for the purpose of your genuine participation in the Games and not for any financial or other operations; your participation in the Games will be strictly in your personal non-professional capacity for recreational and entertainment reasons only.


2.4.3 You participate in the Games on your own behalf and not on behalf of any other person;


2.4.4 You are not resident in Curacao, Austria, France, Iran, Iraq, Netherlands, North Korea, Singapore, Spain, St Maarten, Statia, U.S.A or the U.S.A dependencies, Ukraine, United Kingdom.


2.4.5 All information that you provide to zetto.in is true, complete, and correct, and that you shall immediately notify us of any change of such information.


2.4.6 You are solely responsible for reporting and accounting for any taxes applicable to you under relevant laws for any winnings that you receive from zetto.in.


2.4.7 All money that you deposit into your Account is not tainted with any illegality and, in particular, does not originate from any illegal activity or source.


2.4.8 You understand that by participating in the Games you take the risk of losing money deposited into your Account.


2.4.9 You shall not be involved in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing or other unlawful activity in relation to your or third parties’ participation in any of the Games and shall not use any software- assisted methods or techniques or hardware devices for your participation in any of the Games. zetto.in hereby reserves the right to invalidate or close your Account or invalidate your participation in a Game in the event of such behavior.


2.4.10 In relation to deposits and withdrawals of funds into and from your Account, you shall only use credit cards and other financial instruments that are valid and lawfully belong to you.


2.4.11 The computer software that we make available to you is owned by zetto.in or other third Parties and protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. You may only use the software for your own personal, recreational uses in accordance with all rules, terms and conditions hereby established and in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.


2.4.12 Games played on the Website should be played in the same manner as games played in any other setting. You shall be courteous to other players and representatives of zetto.in and shall avoid rude or obscene comments, including in chat rooms.



3.1 You can sign up (register) and use only one Account on the Website.


3.2 Only one Account for each household, IP address and computer or device is allowed. If two or more users share the same household, IP address and computer or device we must be informed by the respective Accounts’ holders in advance.


3.3 If you sign up or attempt to register more than one Account, for whatever reason, we may block or close any or all of your Accounts at our discretion. We may also void all the bets that have been placed in the duplicate Accounts, block bonuses and gifts and void withdrawal requests. In addition, any returns, winnings, or bonuses have been gained or accrued during the duplicate account lifecycle will be forfeited from you.



4.1 When the outcome of a Game you participate in becomes determined or, where applicable, zetto.in has confirmed the relevant result of an event and settled the markets; all winnings will be available on your Account.


4.2 If zetto.in mistakenly credits your Account with winnings that do not belong to you, whether due to a technical or human error or otherwise, the amount will remain property of zetto.in and the amount will be deducted from your Account. If prior to zetto.in becoming aware of the error you have withdrawn funds that do not belong to you, without prejudice to other remedies and actions that may be available at law, the mistakenly paid amount will constitute a debt owed by you to zetto.in. In the event of an incorrect credit, you are obliged to notify zetto.in immediately.


4.zetto.in will carry out additional verification and identification procedures for any withdrawal or reserves the right to carry such verification procedures at any level of withdrawals. All transactions will be checked to prevent money laundering.



5.1 To have a possibility to place bets and play for real money you have to deposit money into your Account. You can deposit at any time online by using your debit or credit card, e-wallet, via a bank transfer or via all available deposit methods. All available deposit methods you can find in “Deposit page” on the Website. Cash or cheques are not an accepted method of deposit. Please note that some of the methods may not be available in some countries.


5.2 We accept payments in various currencies. Any payment received by zetto.in in a currency other than the currency of your Account will be converted into the currency of your Account, at the prevailing exchange rate. Please note that any exchange premiums are payable by you.

5.3 Zetto.in reserves the right to use additional procedures and means to verify your identity (KYC) when effecting deposits into an Account and to close an Account if you fail to send these documents to www.zetto.in.


5.4 Zetto.in does not grant any credit for the use of its services.


5.5 By depositing you confirm that all deposits are authorized and you won’t try to decline them or take any action which will cause such payment to be reversed by the third party, in order to avoid any legitimate liability.


5.6 As a prevention of money laundering, a deposit must be wagered at least once before a withdrawal can be made. Please note that if wagering requirements are in place, the wagering requirement needs to be respected before a withdrawal is requested.


5.7 zetto.in doesn’t allow making 3rd party deposits (by a friend, relative, partner, wife or husband). All payments have to be made from an Account/system or credit card that is registered on the Account holder. If the 3rd party deposits are noticed all winnings will be forfeited and sent back to zetto.in.in, and the deposit will be returned to the rightful owner of an Account/credit card. If banking transfer requires a charge while returning money back to the rightful owner it will be paid by a receiver.



6.1 You have to provide your KYC documents, credit card pictures (both sides, front and back. The card number should be with the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card clearly readable, while the remaining digits of the card number and CVV / CVC code should not be visible) and bank statement, copy of a personal identification document, proof of address, proof of ownership of any other used payment method when claiming the withdrawal for the first time. Additional requirements depending on payment channels will apply.


6.2 zetto.in reserves the right to change the maximum allowed sum for each payment system per transaction at any time and without prior notification.


6.3 A withdrawal request will not be processed until all wagering requirements have been met.


6.4 It will not be possible to withdraw funds marked as “Bonus”, as well as funds stuck in an aborted game.


6.5 zetto.in has the right to refuse withdrawal if the total bet amount is less than the amount of the last deposit. You have to turn over the initial deposit at least one time before being able to withdraw.


6.6 All withdrawal requests are processed within two (2) banking days, but there are cases where these timing can be longer, depending on payment channels, additional account checks and public holidays.


6.7 A user cannot withdraw funds in excess of his/her Account balance.


6.8 Withdrawals will be made to your bank account or other withdrawal methods available to you in “Cashier”. The withdrawals are processed by the method used by the user to deposit funds into Account balance.


6.9 When a withdrawal is canceled, the funds are returned back to your Account and you can make use of those funds accordingly on the Account. zetto.in does not assume any responsibility for any funds lost during gameplay following a withdrawal cancellation either by you or by us.


6.10 Please be advised that our products are consumed instantly during gameplay. Thus, we cannot provide refunds, returns of money, or cancellation of the requested service when playing. If you play a Game with real money, the money will be drawn from your Account instantly.


6.11 You may only withdraw the maximum amount of ₹ 25,000 (or the equivalent in your Account currency) in any 24 hours and maximum amount of ₹ 10,00,000 (or the equivalent in your Account currency) in a 30 days period unless a larger amount has been agreed by us.


6.12 Prior to accepting a withdrawal we may request that you provide legal identification for example certified copies of passports, ID cards or other such documentation as we feel is required in the circumstances. We may also carry out phone verification, face verification or other such verification as is required to ensure that you are who you say you are.


6.13 You can only have one pending withdrawal (i.e. requested but not processed) per payment method at any one time. Furthermore, depending on the method used, you can make only one withdrawal request per 24 hours period.



7.1 You may close your Account at any time and request a withdrawal of the balance of the Account, subject to the deduction of relevant withdrawal charges. To close your Account, you must first cancel any open bets if applicable, and contact the Website customer support. The effective closure of the Account will correspond to the termination of zetto.in In case the reason behind the closure of the Account is related to concerns about possible gambling addiction you shall inform zetto.in


7.2 The method of repayment will be at our absolute discretion.


7.3 zetto.in reserves the right to close your Account and to refund to you the ""Available to withdrawal” balance, subject to the deduction of relevant withdrawal charges, at zetto.in absolute discretion and without any obligation to state a reason or give prior notice.


7.4 zetto.in reserves the right to cancel and remove any bonus amount awarded to you if not been used within 1 month from the date awarded.


7.5 zetto.in reserves the right to refuse a withdrawal claim in case of fraud, in which case an Account will be suspended and the payment not processed.


7.6 zetto.in will review all player Accounts and classify them at its discretion. Once a player is classified as a “bonus hunter” or “bonus abuser”, all winnings and bonuses will be void and the Account will be suspended and the payment not processed.



8.1 We will comply with applicable data protection laws in respect of the personal information you supply to us. Your personal information is processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy, a copy of which is available by clicking here.




In the case when any irregularity (including a suspicion of attempted money-laundering or fraud) has been noticed, zetto.in reserves the right to close Accounts and/or report about criminal or other suspicious activities provided through one or multi Accounts to the relevant existing regulatory or law enforcement authorities. All offenders’ Account balances will be blocked, withdrawals will be void, deposits and winnings will be forfeited.



zetto.in is eligible to disable users Accounts and forfeit their Account balances (including deposits and winnings) if they will be noticed of gaining, attempting to gain an advantage of trading information of their cards or establishing a collusive agreement with other users to take an unfair advantage. These advantages may consist of chip dumping and transfer, discussing a hand during play, multiple using a single Account, soft playing. zetto.in provides the rigorous examination of play by both manual and automated ways and investigates all related user complaints. In addition, zetto.in provides proactively and randomly examining gameplays and Accounts.



1. Once zetto.in noticed a fraudulent, unlawful, dishonest or improper activity (including using the VPN, proxy or similar service that masks or manipulates the identification of your real location, or making bets, wagers or poker play through a third party or on behalf of a third party) on the Website, we are eligible to block user’s Account with forfeiting of all Account balances without prior notification. In such cases, zetto.in reserves the right to report fraudulent activity to existing regulatory and law enforcement authorities including but not limited to banks, credit card companies and/or any person or entity that has the legal right to such information, and/or taking legal action against such user.



10.1 As part of your use of the Website, zetto.in may provide you with a chat facility, which is moderated by us and subject to controls. We reserve the right to review the chat and to keep a record of all statements made on such a facility. Your use of the chat facility should be for recreational and socializing purposes, and is subject to the following rules.


10.2 You shall not make any statements that are sexually explicit or grossly offensive, including expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred, or profanity.


10.3 You shall not make statements that are abusive, defamatory or harassing or insulting to the Website or zetto.in.


10.4 You shall not make statements that advertise, promote or otherwise relate to any other online entities.


10.5 You shall not make statements about zetto.in the Website, or any other Internet site(s) connected to zetto.in that are untrue and/or malicious and/or damaging to zetto.in.


10.6 You shall not collude through the chat rooms or separate chat. Any suspicious chats will be reported to the relevant regulatory or law enforcement authority.


10.7 In the event if you breach any of the above provisions relating to the chat facility, zetto.in shall have the right to remove the chat room or immediately terminate your Account. Upon such termination, zetto.in shall refund to you any funds which may be in your Account over and above any amount which may be owing to us at such time (if any).




11.1 zetto.in is not liable for any downtime, server disruptions, lagging, or any technical or political disturbance to the gameplay. Refunds may be given solely at the discretion of zetto.in.


11.2 zetto.in shall accept no liability for any damages or losses which are deemed or alleged to have arisen out of or in connection with Website or its content, including without limitation, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, loss or corruption of data, communication or lines failure, any person's misuse of the Website or its content or any errors or omissions in content.


11.3 In the event of a casino system malfunction, all wagers are void.


11.4 In the event a Game is started but miscarried because of a failure of the system, zetto.in shall refund the amount wagered in the Game to you by crediting it to your Account or, if an Account no longer exists, by paying it to you in an approved manner; and if you have an accrued credit at the time the Game miscarried, credit to your Account the monetary value of the credit or, if an Account no longer exists, pay it to you in an approved manner.



12.1 zetto.in reserves the right to assign or otherwise lawfully transfer its rights and obligations under the Terms. You shall not assign or otherwise transfer your rights and obligations under these Terms.



13.1 If you have a complaint, you can email to the Website customer support at support@zetto.in.


13.2 zetto.in will use best efforts to resolve a reported matter promptly.


13.3 If you have a query with regard to any transaction you may contact zetto at support@zetto.in with details of the query. We will review any queried or disputed transactions. Our judgment is final.



14.1 These Terms, the Privacy Policy, the Cookies Policy and any document expressly referred to in them and any guidelines or rules posted on the Website constitute the entire agreement and understanding between you and zetto.in with respect to this Website and save in the case of fraud it supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral or written, between you and zetto.in with respect to this Website.


14.2 A printed version of these Terms and of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relate to these Terms to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.


14.3 If any provision of these Terms is held to be illegal or unenforceable, such provision shall be severed from these Terms and all other provisions shall remain in force unaffected by such severance.


14.4 In case of inconsistency of textual content between language versions, the English version of the Website shall prevail.


14.5 These Terms are governed by the laws of Curacao and the parties agree to the jurisdiction of the Curacao courts and to the rules of arbitration in accordance with applicable law.



15.1 We are the sole owners of the trademark zetto.in and the zetto.in logo. Any unauthorized use of the zetto.in trademark and the zetto.in logo may result in prosecution.


15.2 zetto.in is the uniform resource locator of the Website operated by zetto.in and no unauthorized use may be made of this URL on another website or digital platform without our prior written consent.


15.3 zetto.in is the owner or the rightful licensee of the rights to the technology, software and business systems used within this Website.


15.4 The contents and structure of the zetto.in Website pages belong to zetto.in, all rights reserved. The copyright in this Website including all text, graphics, code, files, and links belongs to zetto.in and the site may not be reproduced, transmitted or stored in whole or in part without our written consent. Your registration and use of our system do therefore not confer any rights whatsoever to the intellectual property contained in our system.


15.5 Links to the Website and any of the pages therein may not be included in any other website without the prior written consent of zetto.in.


15.6 You agree not to use any automatic or manual device to monitor the Website pages or any content therein.


15.7 Any unauthorized use or reproduction may be prosecuted.



16.1 Every individual promotion will come with its own set of specific promotional terms and conditions (the “Promotional Terms”) in addition to these Terms. You should therefore read these Terms in combination with the applicable Promotional Terms for any competition, bonus or promotion you wish to enter.


16.2 By participating in promotions you agree to be bound by these Terms and Promotional Terms.


16.3 If for any reason, a promotion does not have the Promotional Terms, such promotion will by default be governed by these Terms.


16.4 Each of the Promotion Terms regulating the implementation of any promotion is independent of the rest of the Terms. In case one of the provisions is unsuitable or incorrect, the remaining Promotion Terms remain in force.


16.5 Participation in a promotion will be deemed to constitute full and unconditional acceptance of the Terms which includes these Promotional Terms and any applicable Promotional Terms and that our decisions are final and binding in all respects.


16.6 zetto.in reserves the right to terminate or cancel any current promotion without prior notification. Any user who infringes the Promotional Terms will be disqualified from any reward derived from said promotion.


16.7 zetto.in has the rights to withhold any credits, bonuses, coupons, loyalty points or prizes awarded as part of a promotion at its own discretion.


16.8 zetto.in has the right to inform users about current promotions or any updates by e-mail, SMS, chat, Whatsapp, social media, mobile phone, Internet browser notification or mobile application.


16.9 zetto.in disclaims any liability for inaccurate information, whether caused by the Website, user's equipment used in a promotion, or by human or technical errors related to the submission of entries.


16.10 You agree not to use any automatic or manual device to monitor the Website pages or any content therein.


16.10. Bonuses and Bonus money


16.10.1 zetto.in regularly offers you different bonuses and rewards that are credited to your Account. A bonus at zetto.in can mean free spins, cashback, free bet, extra money to play directly and the extra money you receive after making a deposit. A bonus usually follows with the wagering requirements that have to be met in order to withdraw the funds. In these cases, we recommend you to read the bonus rules before using.


16.10.2. Bonus rules A bonus is awarded the bonus balance. When the wagering requirements for the bonus are met the bonus amount is transferred to the main balance and may be withdrawn at any time. If the bonuses are abused by a user, zetto.in has the right to use punitive measures towards him, namely: delete, decline all current bonuses and bonus winnings; to block the user's Account immediately. In that case, zetto.in disclaims any liability for the withdrawal or compensation of the funds that had been on the Account before it was blocked. Any outside bet spread combination on Roulette games covering 24 or more (64%) of the 37 unique number spots on the table. E.g. betting on Red and Black - covers 36 of the 37 possible outcomes - in this case all winnings and bonuses will be voided. Using bonuses to play games with accumulated benefits in the course of gameplay (Ex: Free Spins meters or other game features unlocked following some gameplay) and coming back to the game following the zeroing-out of the wagering requirements to trigger or unlock the feature and collect the accumulated benefits or related winnings - in this case all winnings and bonuses will be voided. The funds won using bonuses cannot be withdrawn until all bonuses are wagered. Malfunction voids all pays and plays. zetto.in has a right to withdraw any winnings caused by malfunction up to the latest deposits. Users should read and be aware of any applicable bonus policy and follow its terms in order to receive the bonus. All bonuses have an expiry date. The standard expiry date for bonus money is 30 days. The expiry date can differ for specific bonuses. In such an event, the expiry date will be indicated in the relevant bonus’ terms and conditions. Betting requirements need to have been fulfilled at the expiry date. We may cancel or debit bonus credit from the player Account after the expiry date. The standard betting requirement for casino bonus money is 30 times the bonus amount received and for sportsbooks it is 15 times the bonus amount received. This may differ for specific promotions provided that it is specified accordingly in the relevant terms and conditions. The wagering requirements of a bonus means the total amount of bets you must stake before the bonus and any accrued winnings are transferred into your cash balance and can be withdrawn. The wagering requirements for each bonus are set out in the specific terms for the bonus and will be expressed as a multiple of the bonus amount, or of the bonus plus the deposit amount. The wagering requirement for bonuses will be set out in the terms specific to that bonus. Not all bets will count towards the wagering requirements. Bets on Blackjack, Roulettes, Arcade games (Heads or Better, Dice Twister, etc) Video poker games (Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, etc), Baccarat, Casino Hold'em, 2 Ways Royal, Craps and Sic Bo games contribute 5% of actual wagering on these games towards your wagering requirements. Table games wagering contribution is 10%, Sic Bo, Royal Craps, Baccarat, Red dog 0%. Most Slot games contribute 100%. These percentages can be changed from time to time so please make sure to contact the Website customer support each time to find out a certain game’s wagering contribution.


16.11. Wagering requirements


16.11.1 After getting the bonus it is transferred to the bonus balance up to the moment of reaching the wagering requirements.


16.11.2 The wagering requirements are a multiplier that represents the number of times you have to play a bonus before you are able to withdraw any winnings. After reaching the wagering requirements, a bonus or accrued winnings are transferred into main balance.


16.11.3 Wagering requirements for bonuses will be null when the balance is lower than Euro 0.10 (or the equivalent in your Account currency).


16.11.4 The funds won using bonuses cannot be withdrawn until all bonuses are wagered.


16.11.5 You can make a withdrawal before you have fulfilled the wagering requirements, but then you will lose your bonus money. If you decide to make such a withdrawal you have to contact the Website customer support team.


16.11.6 Every user has the right to abandon the bonuses by making the request to Website customer support in order to zero the bonus balance.



17.1 zetto.in accepts bets or/and wagers for sporting events that are presented on the Website. All such bets/wagers are subject to the rules applicable to each sport, e.g. Basketball, Tennis, E- Sports, etc.


17.2 You cannot make wagers exceeding your Account balance.


17.3 Once a bet has been placed and confirmed, a user cannot change or cancel a bet. It is therefore in the user’s interest to ensure that all details of their bet are correct before placing a bet.


17.4 Before an event starts, zetto.in reserves, at its own discretion, the right to void or cancel part or whole of a bet even after its acceptance without providing any reason to the user. After the event start, zetto.in reserves, at its own discretion, the right to void or cancel part or whole of a bet, even after its acceptance if there is a valid reason for this, such as: - a mistake in the wording (palpable error) of the event, odds or starting time; - the user attempt to bypass zetto.in limits (potential payout) and risk management by placing multiple, identical or similar bets or opening multiple Accounts; - the user is getting an advantage of any public announcement or secret information he has access to that determines the outcome of the bet; - the user combines related bets; - the user is actively participating in the event, e.g. as a Player, Referee, Manager or has direct or indirect relationship with events participants; - Website suffers a technical error offering wrong odds or events; - any other valid reason duly communicated to the user upon request.


17.5. zetto.in reserves the right to cancel all bets of an event, if there is any change regarding the venue of the event.


17.6 zetto.in reserves the right to cancel all bets if there are radical changes in the circumstances of an event such as the length of playing time, the distance in a race speed or the number of periods, etc.


17.7 Winnings will be credited to the user Account following confirmation of the final result.


17.8 The outcome of a market is settled once this is determined. Zetto.in takes the right to settle the game results in case a market is not determined earlier in the game. This rule works in terms of the normal duration of the match being concluded and if no conditions are stated in the market description on the Website. For example: Example 1: Match-winner 1X2 market of an event is determined after the end of the normal duration (regular time) of the event. Football (Soccer) 1x2 Match Winner is determined after the 90 min, including any extra minutes called by the referee of the match as “normal duration”. When the game is played in Overtime (the regular time cannot determine the winner), all markets state that this is a subject to pay “include overtime” after completion of the game. If there are any penalty kicks (or other decisive moments) they’re not taken into consideration, unless another stated in the market. If the beginning of the game is delayed for whatever reasons, the event can be kept open and all bets can remain open 48 hours from the official start time. Nevertheless, zetto.in reserves the right to void such bets on its direction and refund the Users’ stakes back. All bets can remain open and be calculated due to the game results by the decision of zetto.in when the organizer continues the abandoned event within 48 hours after starting time. In case the abandoned event does not continue with the decision of the organizer within 48 hours after its starting, zetto.in will settle all determined markets that were completed on the pitch. In addition, zetto.in will cancel another and refund the stakes to players. There are exceptions to the general rule: The 48 hours rule is not supported in the Tennis games. All bets are available until the referee or official representative determines the winner. Nevertheless, there are cases in which a player retires. In this situation, all markets that are determined on the court are settled accordingly and all the rest declared void and stakes returned to players. If there are any doubts about the retirement of a player before the last point is concluded, the market of the match winner is canceled. Nevertheless, all markets that relate to the specific sets or games that are determined, are settled accordingly. Baseball games. The 48 hours rule is supported. When two teams are playing 2 games in a row they are considered as Game 1 and Game 2 and will be settled as chronologically played with all bets valid. For the avoidance of doubt, if Team A plays Team B twice, the result of Game 1 will count for bets offered on Game 1 as originally scheduled and the result of Game 2 will count for bets offered on Game 2, as originally scheduled. The 48 hours rule is valid. (e.g. if a football match is abandoned in the second half, the markets of the first half will be settled normally). (e.g. in the example above, the markets of the second match have not been decided) will be void and stakes will be refunded to customers.